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Rebecca Love

Chief Nursing Officer

Olga Yakusheva


Dr. Yakusheva is an economist with research interests in health economics and health services research. Yakusheva's area of expertise is econometric methods for causal inference, data architecture, and secondary analyses of big data. The primary focus of Yakusheva’s research is the study the work of nurses. Yakusheva pioneered the development of a new method for outcomes-based clinician performance productivity measurement using the electronic medical records. With this work, Yakusheva was able to measure, for the first time, the value-added contributions of individual nurses to patient outcomes. This work has won her national recognition earning her the Best of AcademyHealth Research Meeting Award in 2014. Yakusheva is currently working to uncover traits and success strategies of highly-effective nurses, including education, experience, and expertise—and most recently practice-informed design-thinking and innovation. Yakusheva is a team scientist who has contributed methodological expertise to many interdisciplinary projects including hospital readmissions, primary care providers, obesity, pregnancy and birth, and peer effects on health behaviors and outcomes Yakusheva led the design of the Healthcare Innovation and Impact Program (HiiP) at the School of Nursing and was appointment to the position of the first HiiP Director in September of 2019.

Hiyam Nadel


Hiyam M. Nadel, MBA, RN is the Director of the Center for Innovations in Care Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA. In this role, she is both a mentor and “incubator” of ideas for front-line caregivers who conceive an idea, from the prototyping stage and beyond. She is currently an inaugural Johnson and Johnson Innovation Fellow. Prior to accepting her most recent position, Hiyam played an essential role in re-opening the MGH Obstetrics Department after a 40-year hiatus. Along with the re-opening of the Obstetrics division came the opportunity to implement a different nurse-care model and a “Medical Home” for Obstetrics. In addition, she has been instrumental in designing IT programs such as the “Ambulatory Patient Tracking System”, and co-authored the design of the “OB EMR”, an electronic medical record, which was sold to Hewitt Packard. She was selected as Innovation Learning Network Changemaker, a distinction recognizing leaders who are trying to bring impactful change to their organization. She believes that hackathons provide innovative grounds for new ideas, and therefore is actively involved in the Microsoft/Johnson & Johnson/SONSIEL NurseHack4Health Hackathon. Hiyam is a recipient of the 2020 Extraordinary Women Advancing Healthcare Award from the Commonwealth Institute. This award recognizes 10 remarkable women in Massachusetts each year who are emerging and inspiring leaders pioneering advances across health care, and who demonstrate collaboration, mentor others, and encourage diversity. Most recently, Hiyam has co-authored a book, The Rebel Nurse Handbook: Inspirational Stories by Shift Disrupters, and has been a guest on several podcasts. She earned a nursing degree from Northeastern University, a clinical genetics certificate from Brandeis University, and an MBA from Babson College, with a focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Hiyam is a founder and board member of the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL).