Why Choose IntelyEdu?

On-demand: Learn at your own pace and your own time 

Cost-effective: Purchase individual courses and course bundles at low prices 

Learner-focused: Engaging, evidence-based course material

Relevant: Content created by leading industry experts with real post-acute care experience 

Reputable: IntelyEdu is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) 

The Benefits of IntelyEdu

  • Large Library of Courses

    IntelyEdu has a library with over 100 ANCC Accredited Nursing Continuing Professional Development (NCPD) hours you need to maintain your license.  Courses provide a wide range of learning opportunities on topics such as infection Ccontrol, Caring for Patients at End of Life, and everything in between.

  • Certificate Programs

    Partnering with leading authors and organizations, IntelyEdu certificates will prepare you to advance your career immediately. From Returning to Nursing with Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nurses to our Professional Scheduler Certificate, you will be able to advance your career quickly. 

  • Meeting You Where You Are

    On the go or at home, the unique format of IntelyEdu courses and certificates means you are free to learn when and where you can.

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