Transforming Education for Nursing Professionals 

IntelyEdu can help you get where you want to go.  We are the premier educational destination for nursing professionals. Our courses and certificate programs are created specifically for those working in post-acute care but are applicable to everyone! You shouldn’t have to dread completing your mandatory continuing education. With IntelyEdu, you can learn from leading nurse experts on topics that have real applications to your practice. 

IntelyEdu's Story

IntelyEdu was born from a desire to support nurses and nursing assistants who work in post-acute care develop their knowledge and improve their care for some of the most vulnerable members of our population. We recognize that mandatory continuing education has not been fun for learners.  

One of IntelyCare’s co-founders, Chris Caulfield, RN, believed that education for professionals did not have to be boring but could be interesting and engaging. With a team of support and a high-tech animation studio, the first of our courses were built.  

Knowing that continuing education means nothing without accreditation, we sought the highest designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). We have been an accredited provider since 2020.  

Our COVID-19 course was taken over 500,000 times from all around the globe! 

Seeing that the demand for quality education was high, IntelyCare hired a Director of Education in 2021. An educator with over 20 years of experience teaching nurses and adult learners, Rachel West, MSN, MHA, RN, brings innovative approaches to continuing education at IntelyCare.  

We believe that education is the foundation for meeting personal and professional goals. With that in mind, we decided that our IntelyPros (IPs) should get -, as one of the benefits of employment with us -, access to free continuing education. Our IPs are actively taking courses (over 10,000 since the program was launched!) which helps to deepen their knowledge and experience, and to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.  

Today, with the help of our subject matter experts guiding content creation, courses are launched to the marketplace on a regular basis on topics that are timely, relevant to practice, and user focused. We ask ourselves, “What good is education if people don’t learn from it or use it?”  

IntelyEdu also believes that strategic partnerships with colleges of nursing and other professional organizations help our employees reach and achieve their goals. Our pPartnership with Excelsior University offers learners who wish to pursue nursing an excellent education from a leading uUniversity.

IntelyEdu is your partner in continuing education. We cannot wait to walk alongside you on your education journey. 

Lynn Barry


Senior Director of Clinical Operations at IntelyCare, Lynn is an innovative, results-oriented nursing leader who is committed to improving health outcomes and health equity. Lynn is skilled in applying Lean methodologies for continuous process improvement in an effort to deliver coordinated, high-quality care. Her experience spans a wide range of health care settings from teaching hospitals to independent ambulatory practices, corporate partnerships, and even participating in building a field hospital during a pandemic. Lynn excels in developing collaborative cross-team relationships to reduce risk and meet quality and compliance goals.

Joshua Littlejohn

MPH, MSN, RN, CSPO is the Product Manager of Nurse Experience at IntelyCare

Prior to joining the IntelyCare team, Joshua served in a wide variety of nursing and public health roles, in addition to working in software product management. Joshua leverages over 10 years of experience across different healthcare ecosystems to create products and experiences that bring value to patients, providers, and communities. He has a particular passion for products that not only keep us healthy, but also foster better connections between people. Joshua began his career in healthcare as a bedside nurse at Tulane Hospital in New Orleans. He holds two master's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, in Healthcare Leadership and Public Health. Since 2015, he has focused his work on enhancing the delivery of home and community care using technology. His diverse background in bedside nursing, public health, clinical informatics, and technology has provided a solid platform on which he has been able to create a range of products. These include communication toolkits used by community health workers in rural Africa, cloud-based data visualization products for multi-hospital health systems, and consumer-facing digital healthcare platforms delivering virtual caregiving to families and clinicians under DaaS and SaaS models. Joshua has worked at all phases of the product life cycle and loves diving in to work with different stakeholders across the many silos in healthcare. He approaches problem-solving and product development with an empathetic and people-centered mindset and strives to be a civically minded global citizen (he has lived in five countries and traveled to 25+ others!).

Rachel West


A nurse for more than 20 years with a passion for education, Rachel is committed to creating the best education for nursing professionals. Rachel believes that education is the foundation for individuals to reach their personal and professional goals. She loves learning and finding ways to make courses interesting, relatable, and timely.

Rachael Acker

BS is the Vice President of Design Strategy at Mad*Pow in Boston, Massachusetts. Her professional background is in computer science, human factors, UX, design, and entrepreneurship.

Rachael is a creative problem solver focused on humanizing AI solutions to create transformative user experiences. She is a systems thinker with long-term vision, a usability researcher, and a tactical rapid prototyper of new products. Rachael has been a volunteer with SONSIEL for over two years.

Mindy McCann

Nursing experience includes hospice care, home health care, urgent care/walk in, IDD case management, LTC, and nurse educator. ADN, DTCC Georgetown Delaware 2015, BSN Wilmington University Georgetown Delaware 2017, MSN Wilmington University Georgetown Delaware 2020, currently pursuing DNP through Capella University.

Andrea Jaramillo

Clinical Research Nurse, Nurse Consultant, Hospice Nurse, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Nurse Farmer. She was recently featured on The Drew Barrymore Show!

Olga Yakusheva

Dr. Yakusheva is an economist with research interests in health economics and health services research.

Yakusheva's area of expertise is econometric methods for causal inference, data architecture, and secondary analyses of big data. The primary focus of Yakusheva’s research is the study of the work of nurses. Yakusheva pioneered the development of a new method for outcomes-based clinician performance productivity measurement using electronic medical records. With this work, Yakusheva was able to measure, for the first time, the value-added contributions of individual nurses to patient outcomes. This work has won her national recognition earning her the Best of AcademyHealth Research Meeting Award in 2014. Yakusheva is currently working to uncover traits and success strategies of highly-effective nurses, including education, experience, and expertise—and most recently practice-informed design-thinking and innovation. Yakusheva is a team scientist who has contributed methodological expertise to many interdisciplinary projects including hospital readmissions, primary care providers, obesity, pregnancy and birth, and peer effects on health behaviors and outcomes Yakusheva led the design of the Healthcare Innovation and Impact Program (HiiP) at the School of Nursing and was appointed to the position of the first HiiP Director in September of 2019.

Carine Luxama

Extensive history in psychiatric and mental health care, Carine is a Certified Nurse Practitioner.

Pursuing a PhD, Ms. Luxama is an advocate for nurses and nursing professionals. Carine has experience in higher education teaching undergraduate students.

Larry DeHoyos

Larry DeHoyos, CPCS, PESC is a nationally certified Provider Credentialing Specialist.

He holds a certification in Provider Enrollment and has over 22 years of experience as a medical staff professional. Larry has worked in the managed care space, within large university health systems, and in single specialty/multispecialty medical groups.    Larry is an active member of the National Association of Medical Staff Services, Director At Large for the Texas Society of Medical Staff Specialists, and a participating member of the California and Massachusetts Associations of Medical Staff Services. He has spoken nationally at industry conferences sponsored by McKnights Long Term Care News, Symplr’s Engage Series, and HCPro/Decision Health’s National Provider Enrollment Forums, in addition to various national, state, and local association meetings and annual conferences. 

Veronica Southerland

Veronica Southerland, APRN, FNP-BC, FIEL, DNP(s) is a 2019 Inaugural Nursing Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership SONSIEL Fellow, entrepreneur, and speaker, also known as “Vee the NP.”

Veronica started her nursing career in Greenville, North Carolina. She moved on to Charlotte, NC, working as a registered nurse. After a brief move to Florida, Veronica and her family found their way back to Charlotte where she opened her first business – a home healthcare agency. While she was starting this business, Veronica continued to work as a nurse. The home healthcare business took off and had a very successful run, thriving until 2010. At that point, Veronica decided to make another career pivot, going back to school to get her NP. As she puts it, she “kept [her] head down and focused,” and continued working while going to school. Knowing the rewards that one can reap from continuous hard work helped to keep her motivated. In 2015, Veronica started making house calls with a new method of treating patients with IV hydration therapy. She created a new business, Advanced Practice Care, and became known as “Maserati Medicine.” She drove all over her state providing IV hydration to private patients seeking her care. Veronica’s journey from RN to business owner, to NP and a business owner once again, is unique. She wants to show other nurses that journeys like this are possible for them, and to teach them how they can create sustainable and long-standing businesses of their own. Veronica was a featured guest of IntelyEdu on Intely@Sea. The course she taught covered everything learners needed to know to start, maintain, and grow an IV hydration business. The course highlighted how mindset, marketing, media training, and more can help learners work to get their business off the ground as a nursing professional.

Hiyam Nadal

MBA, RN is the Director of the Center for Innovations in Care Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA

She is both a mentor and “incubator” of ideas for front-line caregivers who conceive an idea, from the prototyping stage and beyond. She is currently an inaugural Johnson and Johnson Innovation Fellow. Prior to accepting her most recent position, Hiyam played an essential role in re-opening the MGH Obstetrics Department after a 40-year hiatus. Along with the re-opening of the Obstetrics division came the opportunity to implement a different nurse-care model and a “Medical Home” for Obstetrics. In addition, she has been instrumental in designing IT programs such as the “Ambulatory Patient Tracking System”, and co-authored the design of the “OB EMR”, an electronic medical record, which was sold to Hewitt Packard. She was selected as Innovation Learning Network Changemaker, a distinction recognizing leaders who are trying to bring impactful change to their organization. She believes that hackathons provide innovative grounds for new ideas, and therefore is actively involved in the Microsoft/Johnson & Johnson/SONSIEL NurseHack4Health Hackathon. Hiyam is a recipient of the 2020 Extraordinary Women Advancing Healthcare Award from the Commonwealth Institute. This award recognizes 10 remarkable women in Massachusetts each year who are emerging and inspiring leaders pioneering advances across health care, and who demonstrate collaboration, mentor others, and encourage diversity. Most recently, Hiyam has co-authored a book, The Rebel Nurse Handbook: Inspirational Stories by Shift Disrupters and has been a guest on several podcasts. She earned a nursing degree from Northeastern University, a clinical genetics certificate from Brandeis University, and an MBA from Babson College, with a focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Hiyam is a founder and board member of the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL).

Kristen Cuenca

Kristen Cuenca has been a registered nurse for almost 30 years, working as an Advanced Practice RN since 1998.

She has worked in various settings as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and educator (holding two prior Board Certifications), case manager, expert witness, as well as with quality improvement and best practice initiatives. Kristen enjoys implementing her nursing experience in the various roles key to the APRN skill set, including nursing education, leadership, communication, ethical/legal issues, practice and process improvement, technology and program and project management in both acute care and long-term care settings. The evaluation of current clinical practice as well as the education of nurses and healthcare professionals is an important part of her role as she supports and writes evidence-based policy/practice. Kristen received a BSN in 1992 from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and an MSN with a Specialization in Nursing Education in 1998 from Barry University in Miami. She is currently Board Certified in Nursing Professional Development through ANCC and has been employed at Fellowship Community for 8 years where she is the Executive Director of Professional Development.

Chris Caulfield

After experiencing short staffing as a floor nurse and union leader, I helped form a team to built a nurse-first tech company with a goal of reducing the nursing shortage. Since delivering care with our first local shift in 2016, we've grown our organization throughout the US. Today, IntelyCare's corporate team is over 400 passionate individuals, and our clinical team is over 30,000 Nurses & CNAs delivering care to more than 2,000 licensed healthcare facilities.

Diana Campion

Adult nurse practitioner, clinical educator, registered nurse, and consultant with over 15 years of healthcare experience in the hospital, clinic, and telehealth settings

In addition to helping clients achieve and maintain wellness through prevention and closing healthcare gaps, Diana enjoys working with startup companies with a focus on empowering nursing professionals and providing improved healthcare in innovative ways.